Family Connections

Leavitt Family.png


Hannah McGee and Andrew Leavitt are the loving parents to their son, Jackson. Jackson was born 10 weeks early weighing one pound 10 ounces and spent 115 days in the NICU. During the following year, he was frequently in and out of the pediatric unit. He has a variety of complex health conditions due to his premature birth including: spastic quad cerebral palsy; epilepsy; hearing loss; cortical visual impairment; a heart defect; is on home oxygen for a chronic lung condition; and is fed via a G-J tube.

Jackson is two-years old and currently enjoys playing with his toys, going to the camp, swimming, doing arts and crafts, and going for drives in the truck. Everything he does is shared and supported by family.

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Amanda and Jason are dedicated, busy parents of two young boys. Both of their sons (Marcus & Jase) have autism; their oldest also has other medical complexities. They are pictured here wearing blue in support of autism awareness. While parenting two young boys is exhausting in and of itself, Amanda and Jason have the additional challenges of managing countless health team members, navigating frustrating systems, never-ending appointments, and of course the challenges that come with a diagnosis of autism for two young children.