A research-based navigation centre for children/youth 25 years of age or younger with complex care needs and their families in New Brunswick

NaviCare/SoinsNavi is affiliated with the Centre for Research in Integrated Care (CRIC) at UNB. All clients are required to provide consent to participate in this research centre.

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144 families helped so far

Last updated March 22, 2019


Our patient navigators can help you and the children/youth in your care by:

  • Coordinating patient care

  • Facilitating transitions in care (e.g. transitions from paediatric to adult services)

  • Connecting families with resources

  • Advocating on the family’s behalf

  • Informing families about the health, education, and social services available to meet their needs

  • Being a resource for the care team


Support for families

Does your child have a complex health condition? Could you benefit from personalized help finding resources, accessing services, or coordinating your child's care?

Our patient navigator can help.

Pictured in photo: Judy Roy, member of the Family Advisory Council (FAC) at NaviCare/SoinsNavi, with her daughter and husband


Support for the care team

Are you are looking for a resource to help a family, or would like to collaborate in helping coordinate care for your patient?

Our patient navigator can help.

Pictured in photo: Dr. Sarah Gander, General Paediatrician, Clinical Department Head of Paediatrics, Cofounder of the New Brunswick Social Paediatrics Research Program